A hexdump utility with style.

Hexbomb is a command line hexdump utility written in Rust.

You'll love Hexbomb if:

You'll hate Hexbomb if:


Run hexbomb --help to view the command line help:

Usage: hexbomb [file]

  A hexdump utility with style.

  The --offset option specifies the byte offset at which to begin
  reading. You can specify a positive or negative integer value.
  A positive offset seeks forward from the beginning of the file,
  a negative offset seeks backward from the end of the file.

  For example, the following command will skip the first 128 bytes:

    $ hexbomb <filename> --offset 128

  And the following command will display only the final 128 bytes:

    $ hexbomb <filename> --offset -128

  Note that the --offset option cannot be used when reading from

  [file]                    File to read. Defaults to STDIN.

  -l, --line <int>          Bytes per line in output (default: 16).
  -n, --number <int>        Number of bytes to read.
  -o, --offset <int>        Byte offset at which to begin reading.

  -h, --help                Display this help text and exit.
  -v, --version             Display the version number and exit.


Hexbomb is written in Rust — if you have a Rust compiler available you can install it directly from the package index using cargo:

$ cargo install hexbomb

You can find the source files on Github and the package on crates.io.


Hexbomb is released under an MIT license.