An experimental programming language.

Version 0.3.2

Quickstart Tutorial

You'll need a C compiler and a POSIX compatible operating system (Mac, Linux, BSD, etc.) to build Pyro from source.

First, download the repository from Github:

$ git clone

cd into the pyro directory and run make:

$ cd pyro
$ make

The Pyro binary will be created in a new out/release directory as out/release/pyro.

cd into the out/release directory and try running the binary with the --help flag to view the command line help:

$ ./pyro --help

Usage: pyro [file]

  The Pyro programming language.

  [file]             Script to run. Will open the REPL
                     if omitted.

  -h, --help         Print this help text and exit.
  -v, --version      Print the version number and exit.

  test               Run unit tests.
  time               Run timing functions.

Command Help:
  help <command>     Print the command's help text.

Let's make a simple test script. Create a file called hello.pyro and add the following line:

echo "hello world";

Run the script by supplying its filename to the binary:

$ ./pyro hello.pyro
hello world

That's it, you can officially add Pyro to the list of languages on your CV. Take the tour if you'd like to learn more.