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Version 0.5.37


You can use any i64 value as an error code. This module contains aliases for the set of standard error codes used by Pyro itself.


args_error: i64

Signals that a function has been called with too few or too many arguments.

assertion_failed: i64

Signals that an assert statement has evaluated as falsey.

module_not_found: i64

Signals that an attempt to import a module has failed because the module could not be found.

name_error: i64

Raised when an invalid identifier (a variable, method, field, class, function, or module name) is encountered.

os_error: i64

Signals that a system call has returned an error — e.g. that attempting to open or read from a file has failed.

out_of_memory: i64

Signals that an attempt to allocate memory has failed.

syntax_error: i64

Signals a syntax error.

type_error: i64

Raised when an argument or operand has an invalid type.

value_error: i64

Raised when an argument or operand is the correct type but its value is invalid — e.g. when an index is out-of-range or when a negative integer is passed where a positive integer was expected.