A dynamically-typed, garbage-collected scripting language.

Version 0.17.0


Pyro is a dynamically-typed, garbage-collected scripting language implemented in C. This means that it lives in roughly the same neighbourhood in programming language space as languages like Python or Ruby.

def fib(n) {
    if n < 2 {
        return n;
    return fib(n - 1) + fib(n - 2);

Pyro is a classic braces-and-semicolons language. If you've used any C-family language before you should find it instantly intuitive.

Getting Started

Pyro is an experimental language that's still under development — you should only write the control code for your pacemaker/anti-ballistic missile defence system in it if you're feeling particularly adventurous.

Design Goals

Source Code

You can find Pyro's source code on Github.



Zero-Clause BSD (0BSD).