A static website generator for people who enjoy the simpler things in life.

Version 6.2.0


Ivy is a static website generator built in Python. It's small, elegant, and simple to use.

$ ivy --help

Usage: ivy [command]

  Ivy is a static website generator. It transforms a
  directory of text files into a self-contained website.

  -h, --help        Print the application's help text.
  -v, --version     Print the application's version.

  build             Build the site.
  clear             Clear the output directory.
  init              Initialize a new site directory.
  serve             Run the test server.
  tree              Print the site's node tree.
  watch             Monitor the site directory and
                    automatically rebuild on changes.

Command Help:
  help <command>    Print the command's help text.

You can build many different kinds of website using Ivy but it's particularly suited to building project documentation like the documentation you're looking at right now.


Ivy has builtin support for content written in Markdown, Syntext, or plain HTML, but Ivy itself is format-agnostic — you can write your content in any format with a suitable Python library.

Similarly, Ivy has builtin support for Jinja and Ibis templates but can use any template language with a suitable Python library.


Install Ivy from the Python Package Index using pip:

$ pip install ivy

Ivy requires Python 3.8 or later.


This work has been placed in the public domain.