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Version 0.3.2


Pyro's for ... in ... loop uses a simple iterator protocol:

for item in [123, 456, 789] {
    echo item;

An object is iterable if it has an :$iter() method. This method should return an iterator — an object with a :$next() method which returns the next item from the sequence or an $err if the sequence has been exhausted.


We can illustrate the iterator protocol by creating a custom Range object to iterate over a range of integers:

class Range {
    var next = 0;
    var stop;

    def $init(stop) {
        self.stop = stop;

    def $iter() {
        return self;

    def $next() {
        if next < stop {
            next += 1;
            return next - 1;
        return $err();

Note that the :$iter() method simply returns self — a Range instance is its own iterator.

Trying out this new type in the REPL should give us output like this:

>>> for i in Range(5) {
...     echo i;
... }

Note that Pyro already has a builtin $range type which you can find here.