✶   Latex Templates   ✶

A pair of clean, simple Latex templates for articles and reports.

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✶   TermCalc   ✶

TermCalc is an interactive command line calculator for macOS.


✶   Ivy   ✶

Ivy is a static website generator built in Python. It's small, elegant, and surprisingly powerful.

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✶   Ironclad   ✶

Ironclad is a command line password manager.

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✶   MP3Cat   ✶

MP3Cat is a fast command line utility for joining MP3 files.

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✶   Syntext   ✶

Syntext is a lightweight, markdownish markup language for generating HTML.

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✶   Janus   ✶

A simple argument-parsing library designed for building elegant command-line interfaces, implemented in a variety of languages.

C  ·  C++  ·  Go  ·  Python  ·  Swift

✶   Termline   ✶

A simple Bash script for drawing coloured lines across the width of a terminal.

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✶   Ibis   ✶

Ibis is a lightweight, Django-style template engine written in Python. It's like Jinja, but simpler.

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✶   Shortcodes   ✶

Shortcodes is a Python library for parsing WordPress-style shortcodes.

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✶   Hex   ✶

Hex is a simple hexdump utility implemented in Python.

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✶   Int   ✶

A simple command line utility for converting integers between binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal bases.

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✶   Pymatrix   ✶

A simple matrix library written in Python.

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✶   Ipsedixit   ✶

Lorem ipsum on steroids.

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